Self-Defense has many meanings, and many aspects. To some, it is learning how to fight. Others, to get away, or just simply to understand how to best avoid unsafe situations. Whatever your view, in this class we aim to improve awareness, develop practical skills, and provide real hands-on experience all in a safe environment to help you feel that you can should the unfortunate occur. Especially in todays world, sadly.


Exercise, punching, kicking, escapes, plus a whole range of other techniques are taught to provide as wide a base as possible to give you the confidence which is key in any self-defence situation.


So if you are looking for something but not necessarily the full martial arts route or need a taster, then this class is for you with plenty to offer and has a structured programme that builds up to give a practical understanding with the hope that you will gain plenty of confidence with the added benefit of helping you get fit.



Couples espcially welcome.




Also, weekend courses are catered for, for those wishing to provide opportunities for their groups, please get in touch if you require such services.